Here we will look at data from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All graphs will be normalised for population. These graphs are interesting because each nation had different rules around lockdown where Scotland and Wales had stricter rules than England. Population spread of these countries are also different where Scotland and Wales are sparsely populated when compared to England.

Cases and Deaths



After looking at these graphs it’s clear to see that England had the highest death rate. This is what we really care about. Cases have been manipulated through Government policy and the phycological manipulation of the populations therefore we can not rely on case numbers in isolation. The best way to evaluate a nations response is to look at the ratio between hospital cases and deaths.

When we do this we find that England had low hospitalisations compared to the other nations but high deaths. This reiterates the fact that NHS England is ran badly and people going into English hospitals had a greater chance of dying when compared to the other nations.

These graphs also show that the stricter stance made by Scotland and Wales were for nothing as their hospitalisations were higher than England’s. Scottish cases were higher making a mockery of their extended mask wearing policies. Scotland also offered the vaccine to younger age groups before England which made no difference to overall death.

Welsh cases were lower however their hospitalisations and deaths were higher than expected. This shows that testing may not have been as available to all parts of Wales and some rural areas may have found it difficult to get access to tests.

To summarise it appears that NPI’s had little affect between the nations and England’s high death rate can be blamed primarily on a higher average life expectancy and the poor state of English hospitals. We can not compare age profiled data as the other nations do not release this. Case numbers can be manipulated however when we look at hospitalisations, England with the most liberal NPI’s had the least hospital cases which is the true measure of NPI success.