This dashboard will show cases, deaths and hospitalisations for the previous 14 days. I have also added cases and deaths for 3 groups; under 50’s, 50 -69 and 70+ to show the increased risk of death with age. Deaths by death date will have incomplete data because it can take a few days/weeks to register a death, the number reported by the media is death by reported date that can be seen below in pink. Case’s are by reported date and not specimen date so they will differ from other parts of this website as I use cases by specimen date for the other graphs; this is the more accurate measure to use for analysis however, if I was to use it here case’s for the previous 5 days would be incomplete.

Please note that the age profiled data lags by about a week, if this a problem then complain to the government as they provide the data. When looking at the cases and deaths in the under 50’s one must remember that these age groups make up most of the population and are tested more than the older age groups. As a result we find higher rates of COVID however, the number of deaths in this age group is statistically insignificant and once you control for poor quality PCR the deaths disappear proving that COVID poses very little risk to all people under the age of 50.