This page will have static visualisations that I will create to illustrate what is going on with the data. I will put the visualisations on You Tube for maximum impact and a write up here explaining what we can see in the visualisation. This should get around any YT censorship issues.

Meaningless World Statistics

Meaningless COVID League of Shame (You Don’t Want to Win This!)

Evolution of COVID-19: Cases and Deaths

You might need to watch this video a few times to understand what is going on. Broadly speaking notice how quickly the cases go up for certain age groups at certain times. The data looks good throughout 2020 you would have noticed that we had very little cases during the first wave this is an underestimate as we didn’t have adequate testing so most cases went unreported. In fact during this time we had more COVID-19 deaths than cases in some age groups and the cause of death was decided by symptoms rather than a PCR test.

You would have noticed that in September 2020 the college and university age groups had more cases than all other age groups; this was due to over testing in the universities which justified locking them down and bringing in a lockdown in November 2020. These cases were due to false positives and had no impact on deaths. The vast majority of people testing positive had no symptoms. This was a clear scare tactic by the government to gain compliance and support for measures introduced during the winter of 2020.

The vaccine rollout started on the 8th December in the midst of a 2nd wave. The timing of this rollout would have put the vulnerable at more risk as the vaccine impedes your immune system for up to 3 weeks after, this would have led to more death in the elderly than we should have had; we knew this before rolling out the vaccine as the phase 2 trial reports detail this immune response in great detail. The rollout should have started in March 2021 to get around this issue.

In fact up to now we can clearly see that the vaccine saved no one (up to 15th November 21) as it’s rollout was too late. Hopefully we will see a reduction in death this winter however this reduction could have been achieved by vaccinating the elderly during the summer of 2021.

After March 2021 testing policy changed where we started to screen children from age 12 to 24 in educational settings. This decision skewed the data and you can see this in the case figures. What we now have is lots of cases and very little death. The government used this to say that the vaccine was working convincing more people to get vaccinated however, this falls short of Simpsons paradox where the aggregated data shows something different than the data when we split it into age groups. When we do this we find that death rates have increased in the under 50’s since vaccination once we control for over testing, deaths have decreased in the over 70’s by 60% this could be due to many factors one being that the vaccine does work to protect this age group. With that said the death data for the over 90’s doesn’t seem to have changed much indicating that perhaps it is not protecting them.

COVID deaths in the winter of 2021 will be lower than 2020, this could be due to the vaccine, reduced lethality of the disease and the fact that most people have been exposed to SARS-COV-2. Another factor will be the fact that we are now testing people for the Flu where in 2020 we stopped testing for the flu and classed everyone as COVID. If you had the Flu and was PCR tested for COVID it is 99% certain that the test would come back as positive. With this in mind when looking at COVID deaths for 2021 we must also look at Flu deaths to have a full understanding of the data.

In short we had 65,835 COVID deaths in 2020 this is not that much considering the over reaction and the fact that we have 20,000+ deaths every winter due to the Flu. These deaths did not justify the measures and the measures have done more harm than good. These deaths have been used to justify a vaccine that will not protect anyone under the age of 50 however these people are being coerced and forced in to taking it. Most of the 3rd wave cases were in the young and due to over testing; this shows that we were in a casedemic environment during the summer of 2021. Lots of cases and very little death. The government manipulated this data and said that this proves that the vaccine is working not realising that most of the cases were in young unvaccinated people. When you look at the death figures you will find that the best predictor for death is age and the older you are the more at risk you are from COVID. The death figures also show that the under 50’s are at no risk from COVID as these deaths are so low we can consider them as baseline noise.

We must all consider the reasons why the Governments of the world have chosen to misrepresent the data and force authoritarian rules on the very people that they serve. The data is clear, SARS-COV-2 is here to stay and we need to learn to live with it and get back to normal as soon as possible. If the Governments can’t see this we the people must convince them before all freedoms are lost forever.