If you’ve read the previous pages I would like to congratulate you. Sifting through graphs and noisy data can be difficult and time consuming. I will finish up with some videos from the Lockdowns Summit held on the 17th July 2021. I have split the original 9 hour summit down into individual talks making it easier for people to view. The videos can be viewed on my YouTube channel, click here to view the playlist. Alternatively you can go to the original source at https://www.QuestionEverything.io.

These videos show some of the brightest minds discussing COVID, having a honest discussion about what went wrong and how we can do better. They are worth a watch for anyone who thinks that the official narrative sounds a little suspect.

For convenience I have also put the videos below. If the below videos are not working or the playlist doesn’t work it is because YouTube have censored the videos.

Over the past month YT have censored 4 of the below videos. I appealed each one and they have all been reinstated.